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The MSOE Center for BioMolecular Modeling is an instructional materials development laboratory focused on the molecular biosciences. We develop materials to bridge the gap between the research laboratory and the educational classroom. Working with researchers to develop molecular stories and with educators to create active learning tools, we invite students to join us in an exploration of the molecular world.

We believe that the invisible world of molecules becomes real when students have an opportunity to hold physical models in their hands. The physical models function as thinking tools that stimulate questions that are then addressed using computer visualization tools and activities.


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CBM Staff

We are a group of teachers, scientists and artists working together to create revolutionary educational materials and outreach programs.

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About Our Lab

Explore our lab and see how the 3D printed physical protein and molecular models are made.

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Fax, email, phone or visit our lab in person. We are located at the Milwaukee School of Engineering in beautiful downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Our work is supported by grants from the NIH National Center for Research Resources SEPA program, the NSF CCLI program, the Department of Education Institute for Educational Sciences and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

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