2017-2018 CREST Teams

Goucher College (Baltimore MD)

Hello! We are the Goucher College BCMB Club's CREST team in Baltimore, Maryland. Our members consist of Dr. Judy Levine, Kelly Budge, Shannara Bauer, Brandon Creed, Olivia Dickert, and Edna Ferreira. We are all seniors here and began our school's chapter last fall. We are very excited to join the modeling project this year. We plan on modeling OGA interacting with the inhibitor Thiamet-G which has been shown to reduce symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease in a mouse model.

Lane College (Jackson TN)

Greetings. Lane College Science Club joined the ASBMB Student Chapters last year. Our club participates in a few projects, including outreach at Lincoln Elementary School. In this photo, we just finished a program with fourth graders demonstrating Euglena and phototaxis. We are excited to be working on the CREST project building a model of human O-GlcNAcase. Our team members are Le'Juan Berry (Senior), Ashley Gayle (Senior), Darrius Hawkins (Senior), Ryan Billings (Freshman), Ashlee Martin-Richardson (Freshman), and Ihouma Tasie (Senior). Our faculty advisors are Dr. Melanie Van Stry and Dr. Candace Jones.

Milwaukee School of Engineering (Milwaukee WI)

Nova Southeastern University (Fort Lauderdale FL)

Hello Everyone! We are a group of three students working with our faculty member, Dr. Emily Schmitt Lavin. We just became a chapter of ASBMB this fall with a small group of students. We are looking forward to working on the O-GlcNAcylation modeling project with everyone on the CREST Conversation team. Our group consists of three pre-med students: Sophia Nguyen and Vivian Perez Hernandez who are seniors, and Alesa Chabbra who is a freshman.

Saint Leo University (St. Leo FL)

Greetings from Saint Leo! Our team consists of our faculty member Dr. Audrey Shor and six students. Saint Leo has been a chapter of ASBMB since 2011, however this year's student group is completely new. It includes Corey Gallen, a senior, Allison Cobb, a junior, and Anapaula Rios-Rosales, Isabella Jacus, Raheim Grant and Zarrar Rashman, all first year students. Saint Leo's team is interested in modeling the O-GlcNAcase protein. We look forward to working on this project and with all other teams!

University of Minnesota Rochester (Rochester MN)

University of San Diego (San Diego CA)

University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point (Stevens Point WI)

We finally took a picture :) Our CREST Team is made up of Noah, Nick, Garrick, Cheemeng, and Elisa. Dr. Lawrence is the faculty advisor for our ASBMB "biochemistry club" chapter and helped to recruit students from his biochemistry class. But Dr. Jonsson is leading the charge for the CREST project. We're most interested in studying how the human O-GlcNAc transferase interacts with so many other proteins.

Wabash College (Crawfordsville IN)

Long time listeners, first time posters ;) Hello from the Wabash College CREST team in Crawfordsville, IN. Team members are Dr. Wally Novak, Roarke Tollar, Titus Edwards, and Nhan Nguyen.

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The CREST Project is funded by NSF-DUE 1022793 and NSF-DUE 1323414.

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