2018 Practice Model

Based on the 2016 Regional Onsite Model using 1js3.pdb

Practice Model Structure
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Practice Model Directions

2018 Practice Model

Based on the 2016 State Onsite Model using 1js3.pdb


The 2018 Practice Model should represent amino acids 253-317 of chain A of the protein Dopa Decarboxylase based on the PDB file 1js3.pdb. The key sidechains to display are Lysine 303 and Phenylalanine 297. This section is 64 amino acids long and will require a toober that is 128cm long at the scale of 1 amino acid = 2cm.


Jmol Quick Reference Sheet - A Jmol Quick Reference Sheet that highlights key commands and useful resources for designing protein models in Jmol on one side and a clear chart of the 20 amino acids on the other side.

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For the interactive Jmol display to function correctly, a Javascript enabled HTML5 compatible browser must be used, including:

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