Local Vs National SMART Teams

SMART stands for Students Modeling a Research Topic. In this active learning modeling program, small groups or “teams” of students, a teacher advisor, and a research scientist mentor, explore protein structure-function relationships associated with a protein relevant to the research mentor’s work.

Milwaukee-area SMART Teams

Participation in the Milwaukee-area SMART Teams program is by selection only. Interested teachers should apply on the CBM website during the spring semester preceding the academic year in which the school wishes to participate. Teachers will be notified of their acceptance by the end of the school year. In this program, teams will be matched with a scientist from a Milwaukee area research institution. Teams will design a model of the chosen protein, visit the mentor’s lab, and present their work at a year-end poster session.

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National SMART Teams

The National SMART Teams program is very similar to the local Milwaukee area SMART program except that the national program is designed to be more self-directed and to allow for a more flexible schedule. The teacher will find a mentor to work with at a research institution near their school. The team will determine a timeline that will work best regarding their specific school schedule with goal of completing all tasks by their chosen presentation event. Guidance will be provided by resources available on the CBM website and teams will progress at their own pace.

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SMART Teams are funded by NCRR, HHMI and the CTSI of Southeastern Wisconsin

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