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Shown above is Nobel Prize winner
Dr. Peter Agre holding his own model
of Aquaporin produced by the CBM!

In the Modeling A Protein Story (MAPS) program, the only real difference from SMART is that teams model a protein story based on a protein theme, rather than a mentor’s research topic. There is no need for an individual mentor, though teams will have access to “virtual mentors” within the online program. Teams will use hands-on materials and models just like in the SMART program to discover why and how proteins fold into the specific structures they do and to develop an understanding of protein structure-function.

For the 2018-19 academic year, we will be exploring the water channel – aquaporin! This was first used as a theme in 2015-16, our inaugural year of MAPS. Even though a couple of our returning teams might have modeled this protein 3 years ago, we have learned so much more about how to run this program and develop content for it, you can be sure that it will be a very different and exciting experience this year! From exploding fish eggs to selectivity filters, from osmosis to Grotthuss proton jumping, there are so many cool concepts to explore and model.

Once registered, you will be provided an access code to this year’s MAPS resources in the Schoology LMS. Contact Diane Munzenmaier ( if you have any questions.

To all our 2018-19 MAPS teams, have a great year and happy modeling!

SMART Teams are funded by NCRR, HHMI and the CTSI of Southeastern Wisconsin

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