National SMART Teams

A SMART Team participant
presenting her poster and model

National SMART Teams are very similar to the local Milwaukee area SMART Team program except that the national program is designed to allow for a more flexible schedule. The team determines the timeline that will work best in regard to their specific school schedule with goal of completing all tasks by their chosen presentation event. Resources will be provided online through the Schoology LMS and teams progress at their own pace.

Teams are asked to secure their own mentors at a research institution near their school. For those schools in the Milwaukee area participating in National SMART Teams, please contact Diane Munzenmaier ( prior to contacting your mentor of choice to ensure that the mentor is not previously committed to the local program.

Once registered, you will be provided an access code to this year’s National SMART Team resources in the Schoology LMS. Make sure to use the current year resources. The CBM cannot assist your team or print your protein models if your team uses outdated resources or those of the Milwaukee SMART Team program. Contact Diane Munzenmaier ( if you have any questions.

To all our 2018-19 National SMART teams, have a great year and happy modeling!

SMART Teams are funded by NCRR, HHMI and the CTSI of Southeastern Wisconsin

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