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General Information

The Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) Center for BioMolecular Modeling (CBM) is pleased to be working with Science Olympiad to offer the 2012 Protein Modeling Event. This event is comprised of 3 Parts: (1) a prebuild model, (2) an onsite build and (3) an onsite exam.

Students modeling onsite model at National TournamentThrough funding from a Howard Hughes Medical Institute pre-college grant, National Institutes of Health-National Center for Research Resources-Science Education Partnership award and sponsorship from 3D Molecular Designs, the CBM will provide all onsite build materials for Parts 2 & 3 of this event for the regional, state and national level competitions. Please see below for further information about the onsite materials and how to obtain these materials for your tournament.


Part 1 (Prebuild)
Teams may directly purchase a prebuild kit from 3D Molecular Designs or teams may use other materials for Part 1. Each prebuild kit contains the following:

  • Two mini-toobers: 286cm and 202cm in length
  • Blue and Red Caps (to indicate amino and carboxy-termini)
  • 10 support posts

Teams may elect to use alternative materials for their prebuild model. Alternative suggestions for materials include (but not limited to the following):

  • 12 guage dimensional wire or KwikTwists for the mini-toober
  • electrical tape or small styrofoam balls colored appropriately for the endcaps
  • pipecleaners or twist ties for support posts

Please note that the purchase of mini-toober from 3D Molecular Designs helps to defray the cost of the onsite build materials used at the regional, state and national tournaments.


Part 2 (Onsite Build)

Please note: The CBM will provide onsite build materials for regional, state and national tournaments.

Onsite materials include the following:Materials provided for onsite tournaments by the CBM

  • Appropriate length mini-toober (foam-covered wire) for the onsite build
  • Blue and red end caps (used to indicate the N- and C-termini of the protein modeled)
  • Sidechains for the onsite build
  • Metal clips for sidechain attachment to the toober
  • Support posts

Onsite materials will also include one copy of a physical model (produced on a 3D printer) of both the prebuild and onsite build proteins for use by the event supervisor to aid in scoring the student-constructed models. The CBM will provide all rubrics (for both prebuild and onsite build), guides to these rubrics and the online visualization programs needed for the onsite build.

The event supervisor (or tournament director) must provide the following materials for the protein modeling event:

  • rulers/meter stick
  • markers
  • computers for students to visualize their protein
  • adequate work space for the computer and students to work during the event



Part 3 (Exam)

Please note: The CBM will also provide exams and answer key for the onsite exam portion of the competition for regional, state and national tournaments. 

Digital copies of these materials will be sent on a CD with the onsite build materials and the physical models. The visualization program can be installed on computers used for the competition, or can be accessed through an online website. Directions for both options will be included on the CD.


Requesting Onsite Materials

If you are interested in obtaining these free materials from the CBM, please complete the form at our website.

This form asks you to provide the following information:

  • Name and contact information for the state director (to be used if we have questions)
  • Name and contact information for the tournament director and/or event supervisor (if known) for your tournaments
  • Shipping address for materials for the regional and state competitions (we will ship materials for each tournament separately to the appropriately designated individual)
  • Dates of tournaments
  • Number of kits needed for your competitions

The form allows you to enter a single tournament, or multiple tournaments.

Please note that you have the option of obtaining your own onsite build materials. If you wish to receive ONLY the rubrics, exams and guides to rubrics, (no onsite build materials) please contact Shannon Colton directly (see contact information below) to request that only the CD is sent to you.



Information about Invitationals

MSOE can also partially support running the protein modeling event at Invitational Tournaments by providing rubrics for the onsite and prebuild models, as well as an exam and answer key. We understand that teams may compete in multiple invitational tournaments. Event supervisors are encouraged to create their own exams for use at these tournaments to reduce the amount of overlap between invitationals.

Onsite kit materials can be purchased for $21/kit (plus S&H) directly from 3D Molecular Designs.

OR, the event supervisor can gather appropriate materials and provide those to the students (no purchase is then needed from 3D Molecular Designs) for the onsite build.

Alternatively, the event could be modified so that the teams bring their pre-build model to be scored and they do an onsite exam, but not an onsite build.

If you are interested in receiving these materials, please contact Shannon Colton.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Shannon Colton

Tel: 414-277-2824
Fax: 414-277-7486


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