Available Models

The following model collections are available for educators to borrow for a 2 week period. Follow the links for a list of the contents of each suitcase as well as copies of documentation (teaching points, activities) that are included in the suitcase. These materials can be used to assist in planning prior to the arrival of the suitcase.

Demonstration Models: These suitcases contain one copy of each of several models, suitable for use as lab stations or for demonstration purposes. Click on the links below for an inventory of the models included in each suitcase, along with documentation.

Classroom Sets: These suitcases contain multiple copies of one model or activity, suitable for use as a classroom or laboratory activity. Click on the links for detailed information on the number of models supplied in the suitcase, along with documentation included.

Special Requests: If you have seen a specific model in our Model Gallery or at a workshop, and the model is not in the Model Lending Library, feel free to contact us to inquire about the availability of the model for educational use. You may also suggest models you'd like to see in the Model Lending Library or share activities you have developed to use with the models. Please contact Margaret Franzen at franzen@msoe.edu or (414) 277-2824 regarding special requests.