Bioinformatics Map of the β-Globin Gene©


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Don't tell your students about triplet codons, reading frames, and introns and exons. Let your students discover these features of eukaryotic genes as they explore the map of the human β-globin gene. After searching through the nucleotide sequence to find the β-globin gene, your students will appreciate bioinformatics software that automates DNA sequence analysis. The Teacher's Map includes annotated features. Map can be used individually or by small teams of students.

Models in this Collection (Classroom Set)

  • 12 student β-globin maps
  • 1 teacher β-globin map
  • 1 CD
  • β-globin protein

General Model Information

  • The β-globin maps contain the double stranded DNA sequence and the protein sequences in three forward reading frames.
  • Model is made of plaster with ZCorp 3D printer and in α-carbon backbone format.
  • Model Details

    • 12 laminated student β-globin maps
    • 1 laminated teacher β-globin map
      • Includes splice site mutations and mutation for sickle cell anemia
      • Protein sequence highlighted in yellow
    • β-Globin (PDB: 1a3n)
      • Chain B
      • His63 and His92 bind the Protoporphorin IX ring containing iron (Fe)
      • Glu6 is the sidechain that is mutated to valine in sickle cell anemia, which is also displayed on the α-helix with sidechains model
      • 3 colors (pink, cyan, and yellow) correspond with the 3 exons depicted on the gene map
    • CD
      • Version 2.0 Notice
      • Introduction
      • Summary of the Human β-Globin Gene
      • Student Handout with Standard Genetic Code
      • Teacher Notes
      • Extensions
      • Features on Teacher's Map

    Documentation Included

    • Teaching points and inventory
    • How do the models fit back in the suitcase?
    • The β-Globin Gene Exercise Introduction (on CD)
    • The β-Globin Gene Exercise Summary of the Human β-Globin Gene (on CD)
    • The β-Globin Gene Exercise Student Handout (on CD)
    • Standard Genetic Code (on CD)
    • The β-Globin Gene Exercise Teacher Notes (on CD)
    • The β-Globin Gene Exercise Extensions (on CD)
    • The β-Globin Gene Exercise Features of the Teacher's Map (on CD)