MSOE Lending Library

Gary Shimek, Margaret Franzen and Denise Gergetz with model suitcaseThe MSOE Model Lending Library is a collaborative project of the MSOE Center for BioMolecular Modeling (CBM), 3D Molecular Designs (3DMD), and the MSOE Walter Schroeder Library. The Library makes available, for short-term loan, many of the physical models produced by the CBM and 3DMD.

Due to the large increase in the use of MSOE Model Lending Library materials, it is strongly recommended that you request models well in advance. Materials will be provided on a first-come-first-served basis; we must limit requests to one copy of each type of suitcase per school at any one time to allow more borrowers access to the models. Should a model be unavailable for the time you have requested, you will be contacted with information as to the availability of the model.


Loan Parameters

  • Loan Period
    • Loan period includes return shipping time. Models MUST be at MSOE by the end of the loan period.
      • Local borrowers in Southeastern Wisconsin (Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Walworth, Washington and Waukesha Counties): 10 day loan period
      • US borrowers outside the local region: 2 week loan period
      • Multiple borrowers from the same institution wishing to use the models consecutively: maximum loan period of 3 weeks, if and only if:
        • borrowers cannot schedule use in all sections within a week (for instance, if multiple lab sections meet concurrently) AND
        • it is not the peak time for the loan of the model being requested
    • Please note that only one copy of any given model can be loaned to a single institution at once, and no more than three suitcases can be borrowed simultaneously. As the MSOE Model Lending Library becomes more widely used, our goal is to provide an opportunity for a large number of institutions to borrow models.
    • Please order at least 10 days in advance of when you need the models. We need time to process your request, and we only ship models Monday-Friday via ground transportation. If you need a model faster, we can ship 2nd day or overnight, but you must pay for shipping. Models requests are filled on a first come, first served basis, so we recommend that you place your model request as early as possible to ensure availability. Requests may be placed up to 10 months in advance.
    • There is no charge for borrowing models. The borrower is responsible for any return shipping charges. Shipping costs depend on the size and weight of the suitcase, as well as the distance. The typical cost to ship a single suitcase ranges from $15-30. Return shipping MUST use a method that allows the shipment to be tracked, and the suitcase must be insured. Some carriers charge extra for shipping that is not in a cardboard box; you are welcome to insert the suitcase inside a cardboard box for return shipping.
    • Models are available to any middle school, high school or college educator, as well as outreach staff.
    • Late return of models will result in charge of a late fee; excessive lateness will result in loss of future borrowing privileges.
    • Most borrowers use the materials in their classroom during the first week of the loan period and allow one week for shipping in order to ship at the less expensive ground rate.
  • Due Dates and Loan Extensions
    • Due to increased use of the Lending Library's resources it is critical that models are returned on or before the due date. Models must be returned by the specified due date to ensure that the maximum number of borrowers have access to these resources.
      • Many models in the Lending Library are booked back-to-back for much of the year. Please keep in mind that late returns may inconvenience subsequent borrowers who have planned for using the materials in their classrooms.
      • Late returns may be subject to late fees; excessive or habitual lateness may result in loss of future borrowing privileges.
    • If you encounter a delay in using the models and wish to request an extension, please contact If the model you have is not scheduled to another borrower, we may be able to grant a one week extension on your loan.
  • Loan Limitations
    • The normal loan period is two weeks, which includes return shipping time. Under extenuating circumstances, extensions for an additional week may be permitted, but must be approved by Lending Library staff. We do not have the resources to allow loans any longer than three weeks for any one institution.
    • Only one copy of any model may be loaned at one time to a single institution.
    • Up to three different types of suitcases may be checked out by a single institution at one time.
    • Due to limited resources, we are unable to send additional materials. Classroom sets are designed to accommodate six groups of 4-6 students. Contents of each suitcase are included with each suitcase description.
  • Model Requests
    • Please order at least ten days in advance of when you need the models.
      • Please allow two business days for us to process your request and let you know if a kit is available. If you do not hear back from us within two business days, check your junk-mail folder before contacting us. Some school email servers block emails from outside sources; if you suspect this may be a problem, please provide an alternate email address on your request form.
      • Please keep in mind that we need time to process your request and we only ship models Monday - Friday via ground transportation. Ground shipping often takes 4-7 days. If you need a model sooner and it is available, we can ship 2nd day or overnight, but you must pay for shipping costs.
      • Some of the models book out months in advance. To ensure that you can get materials when you want them, please book early.
    • Please note that the due date on the loan form in the suitcase is the date the models must be back at MSOE and plan accordingly.

If you find a model in our Model Gallery that is not currently available through the Model Lending Library, please contact Margaret Franzen, or (414) 277-2824 to inquire about borrowing the model. We are delighted to loan most of these models for educational purposes when they are not needed in our programs!

This unique Model Lending Library is jointly supported by MSOE Center for BioMolecular Modeling, the MSOE Walter Schroeder Library and 3D Molecular Designs. Some of the models in the Lending Library were developed with funds from NIH-SEPA and NSF-CCLI awards.

Models loaned through the MSOE Lending Library are available for purchase through 3-D Molecular Designs.

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