History of CBM

The MSOE Center for BioMolecular Modeling (CBM) was spun off of the Rapid Prototyping Center at the Milwaukee School of Engineering in 1999. Created as an instructional materials development laboratory, the core mission of the CBM is to create accurate physical models of molecular structures for use in science classrooms. The science education outreach programs of the CBM are supported by grants from the NIH SEPA program, the NSF CCLI program, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the U.S. Department of Education.

A for-profit small business, 3D Molecular Designs, was created as the CBM's sister organization in 2000, for the purpose of manufacturing and disseminating instructional materials conceived in the CBM's outreach program. The R&D efforts of 3DMD are supported by SBIR grants from the NIH and NSF.

The Center is directed by Tim Herman, ably assisted by Shannon Colton, Margaret Franzen and Mark Hoelzer and staffed by a group of talented undergraduate students.