CREST-Developed Instructional Materials

CREST Modeling Teams (or a subset thereof) have worked closely with undergraduate educators at their institutions to develop instructional materials to be used in conjunction with the physical models of proteins that have been built using 3D printing technologies. These instructional materials are used in classrooms to introduce current research topics studied in local research labs.

Instructoinal materials are organized in three different ways for convenient access:

Educators are currently piloting the materials in the classroom and evaluating their impact on student learning. If you are interested in borrowing models to use in conjunction with the online materials, or if you are interested in participating in assessment of these materials on student learning, please contact Margaret Franzen (

Materials Organized by Type of Material

Materials Organized by Topic

Materials Organized by Institution

The CREST Project is funded by NSF-DUE 1022793 and NSF-DUE 1323414.

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