Alpha Helix

The α-helix is a section of a protein that is curled like a ribbon. Here you see the backbone of one helix.

This helix is part of the protein β-globin.

β-globin is one of the four subunits of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries oxygen in our blood.

Select each button in the box to examine the overall structure of this helix.

Notice how the hydrogen bonds make this structure more stable.

Hydrogen Bonds

Add All Sidechains

Add Individual Sidechains

Select each "X" button to add the side chain for residues 6-16 of this helix.

# 6
# 7
# 8
# 9
# 10
# 11
# 12
# 13
# 14
# 15
# 16

Drag the alpha helix on end. Are the sidechains pointing to the outside or the inside?