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Project Phases
1.) Planning Phase 2.) Training Phase 3.) Protein Story Phase 4.) Capstone Event
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1.) Planning Phase

Packing For Your Expedition

This video will provide some context and tips for planning your MAPS team project. You can use the links to the right to jump to specific sections of the video.

Developing a Plan

Think of your MAPS project as a journey to the summit of Mount Everest. It will require determination, hard work, and no small amount of careful planning.

In the Planning Phase you will decide as a team how you want to approach your project. Each phase will impact the next, as well as your final Capstone Experience. So it is important to understand how the phases fit together and determine what the scope of your project will be before beginning your ascent.

Below is a graphic representation of the four phases, along with some of the questions you will want to consider during this Planning Phase. This graphic is also available as a Printable PDF, or as an Editable PDF that can serve as a working document to help plan and define your project.

Accessing the MAPS Discussion Boards

All of the core resources needed to successfully run a MAPS team are available on this website. But the link below will give you access to additional community discussion boards

Using the free online collaboration website Trello, you can ask questions and interact with other teams. Our hope is that a community of modelers will form, with veteran modeling teams providing insight and suggestions to newcomers, and frequently asked questions rising to the top.

If you have never used Trello before, you will be asked to create a free account and then accept the invitation to join the MAPS board.

Access the MAPS Discussion Boards!

Moving to the Next Phase

Once your team has determined the scope and plan for your project, move on the Training Phase. Or if you have decided to skip the Training Phase, move directly on to the Protein Story Phase.