Jmol Console

NOTE: A bug has been found in Jmol where any time a display format (backbone, wireframe, etc.) is given a diameter of 1.0 angstroms, it converts it to 1/256th of an angstrom! While we work with the creators of Jmol to fix this issue, we recommend using a diameter of 0.99 instead of 1.0.

X Load a New Structure

A molecular structure file includes the X, Y, and Z coordinates to position each atom in molecule in 3D space. The buttons below will load structure files in the Jmol window to the right.

If your design requires a non-public or custom PDB structure file, we recommend using the local (non-online) version of Jmol, available to download at

X Save Your Design

.SPT Files will let you reload your design into this environment at a later time.

.JPG Files will let you put an image of your design in PowerPoint, Word, etc.

X Load a Previous Design

Jmol designs that have been saved as .SPT files can be reloaded by simply dragging and droping your .SPT file directly into the Jmol window to the right. Note, it may take a moment to load the molecular coordinates.

X Submit Your Design to the CBM

This is only for participants in our Local SMART Teams outreach program. To learn more about this programs, visit

To submit a model design:

  1. Review the Jmol Design Checklist to make sure your design follows our guidelines.
  2. Save your design as an .SPT File using the orange "Save Your Design" menu above.
  3. Attach your saved .SPT file to man email and send to Judy Baeten at
X Jmol Training and Syntax Resources