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2021 News

What's New?

From the MSOE Center for BioMolecular Modeling

A New Antibody MAPS Module

Featuring Prophylactic Nanobodies in the Fight Against SARS-CoV-2

Posted 1-6-2021

This new MAPS Module will focus on antibodies and their role in our immune system. With everyone’s current focus on a coronavirus vaccine, we thought this would be a timely topic. There are many fascinating stories of current research involving antibodies that your students can explore.

An obvious choice would be the structure of an antibody binding to a coronavirus protein. We will highlight one fascinating story involving a synthetic biology approach to create a nanobody (single-domain antibody) that locks down the coronavirus spike protein into an inactive conformation.

Check it out at https://cbm.msoe.edu/mapsTeams/antibodies.php

For more information on MAPS (Modeling a Protein Story) and how you can get involved in designing and 3D printing your own protein models, visit https://cbm.msoe.edu/mapsTeams/index.php

Check out the Molecule Maker!

An Easy-to-use Web Interface for 3D Printing Small Molecules

Posted 1-6-2021

Many schools now have access to low cost 3D printers, but finding 3D print files (.STL) of specific small molecules can be challenging.

With the CBM's new Molecule Maker, students and teachers can draw chemical structures and export their molecule as an .STL file for 3D printing. The left side of the screen is an interactive chemical draw program called JSME Molecular Editor. This chemical draw program communicates with the live Jmol program on the right side of the screen, displaying the molecule in a fully interactive 3-dimensional display.

Any small molecule created with the CBM's Molecule Maker can then be exported as an image (.JPG), a molecular structure file (.MOL) or a 3D print file (.STL) that can be used on any desktop 3D printer. Check it out at https://cbm.msoe.edu/modelingResources/moleculeMaker/

For a more in-depth set of resources on the molecular visualization program Jmol and how to use Jmol to create 3D printed models of proteins and molecular structures, visit our Jmol Training Guide at https://cbm.msoe.edu/modelingResources/jmolTrainingGuide/started.html

A New CBM Publication

A Strategy for sustained outreach in the molecular biosciences

Posted 1-6-2021

The CBM has just published a paper in the Journal of STEM Outreach describing our work over the past twenty years. Check it out, and see how you relate to various aspects of our program!