2020-21 Pre-Build Model

Based on 5keg.pdb

2020-21 Pre-Build Model Structure
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2020-21 Pre-Build Model Directions

2020-21 Pre-Build Model

Based on 5keg.pdb


The 2020-21 Pre-Build Model should represent amino acids 31 - 145 of chain A of the cytidine deaminase protein based on the PDB file 5keg.pdb. This section will require a toober that is 228cm long at the scale of 1 amino acid = 2cm.

NOTE: This is a different structure/sequence than originally stated in the
Science Olympiad rules. The correct structure/sequence is amino acids 31-145 of chain A of 5keg.pdb

The pre-build model is worth 40% of a team's final score for the event. The pre-build model will be created using a purchased "pre-build" Mini-Toober kit from www.3dmoleculardesigns.com, or with found materials of the participant's choosing such as KwikTwist tie-down ropes. The same pre-build model will be used at each level of the competition (invitational, regional and state) and participants will take their pre-build model home after each event.


Jmol Quick Reference Sheet - A Jmol Quick Reference Sheet that highlights key commands and useful resources for designing protein models in Jmol on one side and a clear chart of the 20 amino acids on the other side.

To learn Jmol and how to use this competition environment, visit Section 3 - Building Your Physical Protein Models of the MSOE Center for BioMolecular Modeling's Protein Modeling Event participant resources.

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