CBM SMART Teams Alumni

SMART Team Alumni Mia Defino
SMART Team alumni Mia Defino from
Riverside University High School

Where are They Now?

The SMART Team alumni are always keeping busy! Below are a few alumni profiles with information on what they are doing after completing a SMART Team project. Check back often to learn about more SMART Team Alumni.

If you want to be featured in SMART Team Alumni News, please complete the SMART Team Alumni Survey (farther down the page) or contact Judy Baeten (baeten@msoe.edu).

Alumni Survey

We are always interested to learn what SMART Team members have done after their experiences with their SMART Team projects. If you have ever been on a SMART Team, please fill out the survey below to let us know what you have been up to since then. Some of this information will appear on our website in a "Where Are They Now?" section devoted to SMART Team alumni.

*Full Name:
*Email (note: this will not be disclosed on our website):
*Year(s) of being on a SMART Team:

Describe the project(s) you worked on while a member of a SMART Team.

Describe what impact SMART Teams had on you (for example, did SMART Teams influence
your choice of major, career, development of specific skills, etc.):

What are your current plans (college/major, career plans):

What is your favorite memory from SMART Teams:

SMART Teams are funded by NCRR, HHMI and the CTSI of Southeastern Wisconsin

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