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Science and Ethics of Genome Editing

Cohort 2 - July 19-21, 2021

Cohort 3 - July 12-16, 2021

Enrollment is closed for the summer of 2021

Check back in fall of 2021 for summer 2022 course dates

★★ NOTE: Due to Covid-19, we plan to offer all 2021 cohorts of this course as virtual workshops. ★★
The workshop will consist of a series of live Zoom sessions together with some pre-recorded videos in which CBM staff as well as teachers who have previously participated in this workshop will discuss various models and successful approaches to using them in the classroom. Each registered participant will receive a collection of physical models that will be explored during the live zoom sessions. Teachers will keep these materials following the workshop, to jump-start their use of these hands-on materials in their classrooms.

Course Description

The course focuses on (i) the CRISPR based adaptive immunity system in bacteria, and (ii) the many ways in which some of the proteins that function in this natural immunity system are being adapted for use editing plant and animal genomes. In addition, the course aims at preparing teachers to lead their students in a thoughtful conversation regarding the ethical implications of this powerful new technology.

This course will handle:

What do you get?

As a grant-supported, advanced workshop, we will be able to provide each participating teacher with:

What do you give back?

In exchange for this support, we will ask teachers to participate in a two-year education research project designed to document the impact of the experience on your teaching practice, and to provide feedback as to the impact of the project’s instructional materials on your students’ learning.

Application Information

There is a pre-requisite for this course. Because the Science and Ethics of Genome Editing is an advanced course, we require that you have attended a previous CBM summer course before applying to the Science and Ethics of Genome Editing. If you have not yet met this pre-requisite, we encourage you to sign-up for Modeling the Molecular World in the summer of 2021, to be eligible for Cohort 4 of the Science and Ethics of Genome Editing that will start in the summer of 2022.

A Community of Professional Educators

Teachers in this program will be encouraged to become active participants in a professional community of educators - committed to documenting the impact of their classroom innovations on student learning, and to sharing the results of that education research with others.