Teaching Resources

Professional Development Information

The CBM offers a variety of summer courses. Read more at the links provided below.

For High School (and Middle School) Science Teachers:

Image: NCRR LogoModeling the Molecular World, Part I: Tactile Teaching with Physical Models (SG590A, 3 credits)
June 23-27, 2014

Image: NCRR LogoModeling the Molecular World, Part II: Designing Instructional Materials for the Classroom (SG590B, 3 credits)
June 23-27, 2014

Genes, Genomes and Personalized Medicine
Contact Shannon Colton colton@msoe.edu for more information about this program

For Undergraduate Educators:

Image: NSF LogoCREST (Connecting Researchers, Educators and Students) Workshop
Tentatively scheduled for week of June 9, 2014.

Additional Resources

These links will take you to additional resources provided by the CBM.

Jmol 13.4.2 - click to download the current version of Jmol used by the CBM.

Model Lending Library - borrow physical models for short periods of time.

Jmol Tutorials - interactive, computer-generated images of proteins that complement the use of physical models.

Jmol Training Guide - a guide to using JMol, a molecular visualization program.

Animations - a list of animations depicting various molecular processes.