The CBM, in conjunction with a group of innovative high school educators, is developing a series of lessons (TLC, for Tactile Learning Curriculum) centered around the following topics:

  • The Polar Nature of Water
  • Primary Structure: Amino Acids as the Building Blocks of Proteins
  • Secondary Structure: Alpha Helices and Beta Sheets in Proteins
  • Tertiary and Quaternary Structure: Full Protein Chains
  • The Many Jobs of Proteins

These lessons incorporate interative physical models, Jmol tutorials and animations in hands-on learning activities. These materials have been field tested and are in their final phase of revision before being posted on the website. Check back in late spring or early summer 2009!

interactive model demonstraiting protein synthesisIn the summer of 2009, our curriculum team will be developing materials on the topics of DNA structure and replication and transcription and translation. These materials will be available for field-testing in the near future. Contact Tim Herman at herman@msoe.edu if you are interested in field-testing these lessons.