Useful Links


National Resources:

The Atlas of MacroMolecules - A nice collection of pdb files grouped according to useful categories.

Jmol - The official Jmol website.

The OMM (Online Molecular Museum) Exhibits - A superb collection of Chime and Jmol tutorials from David Marcey at California Lutheran College.

MolViz - Eric Martz's very useful site with many computer visualization resources.

NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) - The portal to the world of bioinformatics.

The Protein Data Bank - The database of pdb files describing proteins of known structure.

Resources Related to the CBM's Programs:

MSOE Model Lending Library - Borrow models from this site, just like a book from inter-library loan.

3D Molecular Designs - Purchase models and other instructional materials from the CBM's sister organization.