The PALM Workshop

John Bauer with water crystalAs part of the PALM Project, three workshops were held in three consecutive summers. Undergraduate educators and future faculty convened in Milwaukee to review materials, provide input, brainstorm and develop assessment strategies. A more detailed description of the workshop is described in the overview. More detailed information regarding individual workshops is provided below.

2009 PALM Workshop

The 2009 PALM Workshop was the capstone experience for the PALM Project. Veteran PALM participants and initiates met together to explore updated modules, describe current assessment strategies and discuss plans for ongoing collaboration.

2009 PALM Workshop Participants

2008 PALM Workshop

2008 PALM participants simulating nuclear pore complexA diverse group of educators and future faculty members gathered in Milwaukee to explore protein structure, share ideas and discuss assessment strategies. After a fascinating lecture by Jody Franke on methods used to study large macromolecular structures, the group posed for a picture (above), simulating a nuclear pore. Seth Cooper introduced the group to FoldIt! and lots of ideas were exchanged.

2008 PALM Workshop Participants

2008 PALM Workshop Notebook (Be patient! This is a large file!)

Read a recent article by Duane Sears in ASBMB Today. This article describes the 2008 PALM Workshop.

2007 PALM Workshop

The inaugural PALM Workshop was held June 5-8, 2007. Participants included undergraduate educators, outreach coordinators and future faculty from across the country. Topics explored by this diverse group included protein folding (Amino Acid Starter Kit©), insecticide resistance (acetylcholinesterase active site model), bird flu (influenza hemagglutinin), energy storage (ATP synthase), electron transport (cytochrome P450), sickle cell anemia (hemoglobin) and transcription (RNA polymerase).

2007 PALM Workshop Participants