Drugs, Drug Targets and You

This course is not currently being offered. Check back next year for availability.

Teachers at Drug, Drug Targets and You
The Synapse kit designed for the DDTY workshop.

Note: Completion of the Modeling the Molecular World summer workshop is highly recommended before participating in the Drugs, Drug Targets and You summer workshop.

For more information, or questions, contact:

Tim Herman

Gina Vogt

Course Description

This five-day summer workshop will introduce high school teachers to a variety of new instructional tools addressing the molecular basis of drug action and the science of addiction. The student-centered instructional materials are focused on the basic molecular mechanisms of neuronal signaling as well as physical models of the proteins that are the targets of common prescription drugs and drugs of abuse.

Teachers accepted into this program will:

Application Information

A $750 workshop fee covers the cost of:

A limited number of scholarships are available for those with identified need. Applications for scholarships are available on request. Contact Gina Vogt at vogt@msoe.edu for more information.

A Community of Professional Educators

Teachers in this program will be encouraged to become active participants in a professional community of educators - committed to documenting the impact of their classroom innovations on student learning, and to sharing the results of that education research with others.

Teachers at Drug, Drug Targets and You
Course materials will be explicitly related to current Next Gen Science Standards, with a special emphasis on modeling - both as an authentic practice of science and as an important facilitator of student learning.

What teachers are saying about Drug, Drug Targets and You. . .

One of the best professional experiences of my life.

The kits are magic!

The Center for Biomolecular Modeling workshop is above and beyond anything I’ve done professionally.

You’re safe, you’re nurtured, you’re appreciated, and you’re challenged.

There’s a layer beyond the models here that I want other teachers to experience. That’s the storytelling and the honoring of the process of learning.

It isn’t just the models. . . the whole concept of teaching through story is really powerful.

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