Genes, Genomes and Personalized Medicine

This course is not currently being offered. Check back next year for availability.

Teachers at our 2013 MMW Summer Course

Note: Completion of the Modeling the Molecular World summer workshop is highly recommended before participating in the Genes, Genomes and Personalized Medicine summer workshop.

For more information, or questions, contact:

Tim Herman

Diane Munzenmaier

Course Description

This 5-day summer workshop provides high school teachers with the background and tools to go beyond the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology (DNA -> RNA -> Protein) in their teaching and engage their students in meaningful discussions of genomic science and its implications for personalized health care.

We will begin with an overview of the flow of genetic information, using recently developed instructional materials that will allow your students to model the processes of DNA replication, transcription and translation.  These same materials will be used to explore the related process of DNA sequencing and the polymerase chain reaction.  These foundational topics will then be enriched with a series of “genomic stories” in which our recently acquired ability to sequence the human genome has led to the molecular diagnosis and treatment of human diseases. 

Teachers accepted into this program will:

Models, Stipends, Travel, Accommodations, Credits

This project is funded by a grant from the NIH SEPA program. This grant provides funds for:

A Community of Professional Educators

Teachers in this program will be encouraged to become active participants in a professional community of educators - committed to documenting the impact of their classroom innovations on student learning, and to sharing the results of that education research with others.

Teachers at Drug, Drug Targets and You
Course materials will be explicitly related to current Next Gen Science Standards, with a special emphasis on modeling - both as an authentic practice of science and as an important facilitator of student learning.

What teachers are saying about Genes, Genomes and Personalized Medicine. . .

This has completely changed how I am going to teach.

It’s pretty revolutionary, what they do here.

In small ways — maybe not even in ways they are aware of — they are modeling what great teaching looks like.

I was really stimulated with "this is not the future, this is now!"

The kits and models and things — they couldn’t be more perfect!

My favorite thing is that they respect your ideas. It is not "here is this amazing thing now go use it" . . . [but rather] "Tell us how to make it better."

When I saw the flow of genetics kit, I was so excited I was shaking.

All of this is related back to next generation science standards. . . they really did pull it all together.

It is so invigorating to come here, this is probably in the top professional development I’ve done.

Seeping in the biology this week will change my teaching.

This is going to radically change how we teach science from kindergarten through twelfth grade.

You can’t attend this and not come out a better teacher.

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